Frequently Asked questions


Am I supposed to tackle all the targets at once?

Absolutely not! Expecting yourself to do a 180 in nearly every area of your life is not realistic. I find people have the most success when they focus on one thing at a time. The 10-Week Outline is a step-by-step sequence that works for many of my clients. But you can work on the six targets in any order you like.

When it comes to carbs, is lower always better?

Nope. I settled on the guideline of 100 grams of carbs after a lot of trial and error. It is low enough for significant weight loss but high enough not to feel terribly restrictive. There's no extra credit for coming in way under 100 grams. Don't sabotage yourself! You're more likely to stick with a program that doesn't make you miserable.

Why are exercise and movement separate targets?

Both are crucial to weight loss, but for very different reasons. Exercise is difficult. It is a way to practice pushing through discomfort and build confidence in your abilities. Movement doesn't do that. At the same time, taking a spin class in the morning and then sitting at a desk the rest of the day isn't going to give you the biological benefits that come with increased movement, which involves being generally more active in small ways throughout your waking hours. 

what counts as exercise? 

Exercise should get your heart rate up and stress your muscles. It isn't incidental to another activity, like gardening or housework: it is a planned physical activity you perform specifically to achieve greater fitness. But yes, low-impact activities like walking and yoga can absolutely count as exercise! It all depends on your fitness level. Exercise should be about pushing yourself to improve from wherever you are now.

Can I count minutes toward two different targets?

Target 100 asks you to devote separate time and attention to each of the six targets. Because of this, your 100 minutes of stress relief may be a yoga class, but then that yoga class doesn't count toward your exercise minutes. And ultimately, trying to find ways to “cheat” the program makes no sense: after all, this is your program. If you feel overwhelmed, scale back. Remember that the targets are goals, not rules.

How do I get started?

Buy the book! Or, read about the basics of the program here on this site, explore the formula for habit change, and get to know the six targets. Follow my ten-week outline or make your own. Still need help? Join the Target 100 Facebook group for support.